Friday, February 18, 2011

The Big News

Hi! We thought this would a fun and easy way to keep everyone updated on the changes happening in the Kimmel household. We found out we were pregnant in January. We had our first OB appointment last week...
Meet Baby A

And Baby B!
 TWINS! What a surprise! We definitely did not see that one coming AT ALL! After scraping Danny off the floor, and reviving me with the smelling salts, we got to see both babies moving around and see their hearts beating.
Both Babies together :)

We are only 9 weeks along and were originally planning on waiting longer to tell everyone, can you keep twins a secret!? We are officially due Sept 22, but twins are on average about 3 weeks early.  Our OB is 90% sure that they are identical based on what she saw in the first ultrasound. This week, they are the size of raspberries. I go back next week  for another ultrasound. I kept telling Danny my stomach was getting bigger already and he never believed me. But twins never even crossed our minds! 

We left the doctor's office and immediately went and told our family who were very excited for the first set of twins on either side. **We will be telling our friends this weekend, so please no facebook announcements/comments yet :)** I will try and keep this updated so that I can try and remember everything going on! We are off to get our first baby name book so we can start thinking since we have to come up with two names now! I am also excited that now I can use the excuse for eating the whole carton of ice cream that I am eating for 3! :) 


  1. We are so EXCITED!!! I was totally surprised when saw the picture and couldn't stop jumping up and down and smiling!! I can not wait to meet them and spoil them with love!

  2. Wow! How exciting and crazy for you guys. Only the two of you would get twins your first go around. Congrats!

  3. Haha, I know right!? It was quite the surprise!! Hope you guys are doing well :)