Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Child Who Won't Sleep

The newborn stage is supposed to be the hardest, right? And once you get them to learn how to sleep through the night, it's all downhill until they are teenagers and you can't get the to wake up right? Not around here! The boys have been good sleepers and we have been spoiled. We have reached a time where it feels like we are back in the newborn stage, and worse because they can walk and talk.

Maybe it's the weather, the temperament of a certain 4 year old, sensory overload, too dark, too light, you get the picture. 

If you are in the same boat, I'm going to save you some time and give you a list of things that we've tried and that have worked to get our child to sleep.

1. Everything and nothing.

And there you have it! We've tried everything and nothing ever works consistently. We've tried lighter, darker, room darkening shades, curtain open for a little light. Top bunk, lower bunk. Sippy cup, no sippy cup. Essential oils, melatonin, talking, not talking, snuggling, not snuggling. Rewards, losing toys. Timers. Clocks. Daddy, mommy, Ezra, no Ezra. Blankets, no blankets, special blanket. Tranquilizers and mixed drinks (just kidding, those are just for mom and dad!) 

This guy is a hard nut to crack. Some nights something will work, the next night, not a chance. We've been struggling with winding down to go to sleep, staying asleep, and waking up with the sun (which is early these days). 

If you have a child in the throes of sleeplessness, I feel your pain and your exhaustion. Hang on to your sanity and keep telling yourself it's only a phase (it's only a phase, right!?) 

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